martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Unit 6 :"Description of my student life"

My student Life:

Every day I go to college in the afternoon, I study hard in order to pass the semester, sometimes I go to the library to read a little more and stay informed, I love the career that I'm studying, I have an excellent communication with the teachers, My student life is very good.

Unit 5: "Description of my Neighborhood"

My neighborhood is friendly.
there is much people in my neighborhood, is very big and have some traffic.
There's a grocery, and a few bakeries, it's very convinient.

jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

The Urban Legend.

*One dark and stormy night a woman was listening to her extensive Cliff Richard CD collection when she heard a strange sound. It sent a chill down her spine as she heard a low humming and buzzing noise emanating from under her bed.

She bent down nervously and noticed, to her utter horror, that her Walkman had mysteriously turned itself on and was playing an ominous tune………..backwards.

She quickly snatched the tape player from under her bed and as she did so, she very faintly heard the following words: "Hhhhheeeeeelp meeeeeeee!" In terror she ripped the batteries out of the machine.

The model "Karen Virginia Blanco Camargo"

Crime of the Model:"Karen Blanco Camargo"

*It is very unlikely that the model knew that day was going to die.

*Is very likely that the police of the criminal.

The Myth. "El Silbon"

"El Silbon"

In the Venezuelan plains, there is a legend known as “El Silbon”, people who have seen and Heard him says that he’s disproportionate man, slim and very tall, about six meters, he carries a sack full of bones.
Legends tells that he was a child who killed and ate his father, one day he told to his father that he wanted deer guts, His father went hunting but he didn’t return any soon, the boy went to look and saw that brought nothing, that he couldn’t hunt the deer, than he kills him, he took the guts and took them to his mother, to cook them, as it not softened, she suspects that wasn’t deers guts, asking the boy, and he confessing the truth.
She immediately cursed him forever, His brother John follwed him with an “Mandador”, spread some pepper, and called his dog “TURECO” that he will be followed to the end of the world, now days this dog still chase him and bite his heels.

*the myth "The Silbón" I find it very interesting, this myth is very popular in my country Venezuela.
I chose this myth because since childhood I hear it.

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

The Mistery

Scary shadow at my living room

it happened one night when I couldn't sleep, I felt very rare, and my hands were heavy, I walked into grandma room and woke up her, suddenly we hear a noice, when we go out to check there was a big shadow of a man in our living room, my grandma began to pray and suddenly it dissapear, I was very scared.

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Poem for my father

Henrry Petit
By:Luisana Petit

Happy, little bit crazy, loving, inspiring
Father of Luisana
Who loves ,watch TV, her family and helping others
Who is afraid of crime and being alone
Wants to see her grandchildren grow and her family happy
Resident of my heart